Brass Camlock Coupling Type D Female Coupler X Female
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Brass Camlock Coupling Type D Female Coupler X Female

Type D couplers are typically used with type A adapters, but they can also be used with type E, F, and DP (Dust Plug) adapters of the same size. The benefits are that it is corrosion resistant, especially in saltwater, and it is simple to assemble because it is a "softer" metal that allows the cam arms to close easily. Marine installations, deep well operations, and applications involving salty water are examples of common applications.

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Product parameters:

Product NameBrass Camlock Coupling
Size1/2'' -6''
MaterialAluminium ; Brass ; Stainless Steel ; PP; Nylon
Standard of materialOur camlock coupling are made to standard of A - A-59326(previously called MIL-C-27487)or DIN 2828.
TechnologyRed punching process
Surface TreatmentAcid Pickling
AccessoriesWe equipped with Rings, Pins and Safety clips
Material of HandleAluminium handles; Stainless steel handles; Brass handles
Pressure3/4"-2" 250PSI(17.6bar)  、2 1/2" 225PSI(15.8bar)  、3"-4" 200PSI(14.8bar)、6" 150PSI(10.5bar)
Thread TypeNPT BSP
Connection methodThread Connecting
GasketNBR, EPDM, Viton, PTFE gasket are all available. If you have any special requests of material, just feel free to contact us.
Our advantages1. We are professional manufactures of producing camlock couplings for more than 15 years.2. We have factory, we will provide thebest price.3. Our products are of high quality and each product is thorugh strict inspection. 4. We make sure delivery is on time and won't delay the delivery.
ApplicationPipe Lines Connect;Industry; Oil; Gas

Product Description

Type D couplers are normally used with type A adapters but can be used with Type E and F adapters and DP (Dust Plug) of identical size.


Product Advantage


The advantages are it is corrosion resistant especially to saltwater, and it is easy to assemble since it’s a “softer” metal allowing the cam arms to closes easily. Common applications include marine installations, deep well operations and in applications where salty water is prevalent.


Selection Tips


Camlock Type x Thread: Is it a Male or Female? A common way of describing these couplings is using the terms Male by Female or Female by Hose shank and so forth. To do this it is necessary to identify the type of cam required (Male or Female) as well as the thread (also Male or Female or potentially a hose shank). If you have both the Camlock portion and the thread portion identified it will be a lot easier to communicate what Camlock type you require. For example, if you need to connect to a male Camlock (then you will need a female cam) and if the thread portion needs to thread into a female thread (then you will need a male thread). So in effect, you will need a Female Camlock x Male Thread (Type B).


Size: The size of the thread or hose will determine the size of the Camlock required. A 2" thread or 2" hose will indicate you require a 2" Cam. The 2" will be represented as "200" in the part number. 


Material: The most common material required are the 3 metals and 1 plastic mentioned above. Their abbreviations used in the part numbers are as follows: Aluminum (AL), Stainless Steel (SS), Brass (BR), and  Polypropylene (PP).


For more information about Brass Camlock Coupling Type D Female Coupler X Female, please kindly contact us at any time, we are glad to answer for you. If you want to find a partner, hope that we will be your best choice.

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