Camlock Reducer

Camlock Reducer


camlock reducer coupling for sale.

The body of camlock reducer coupling is made of aluminum or stainless steel. These camlock reducer couplings are suitable for use with water, hydraulic oils, coolants, gasoline, and other petroleum products. And These Type D camlock reducer couplings are made to quickly connect or disconnect. They are often used in applications such as vacuum trucks, vacuum trailers, frac tanks, fuel delivery, grain movement, and the wastewater industry. 

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Camlock Reducer AR Male Adapter X Female

Camlock Reducer AR Male Adapter X Female is also known as a type A reducer, a cam and groove male adapter type AR reducer, or a cam and groove male adapter type AR reducer. It is primarily used in applications to increase or decrease the thread or camlock size. Furthermore, it enables the addition of a female coupler of various sizes to your current application.

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Camlock Reducer BR Female Coupler X Male

Reducer for JINGYANG brand aluminum type BR cam and groove. This camlock (Cam and Groove) fitting reducer has a 6′′ female camlock quick connect coupling on one side and a 4′′ male NPT thread on the other. This coupler's female camlock side will only accept a 6" male camlock. Male threaded pipe will be connected to female NPT (National Pipe Tapered) threaded pipe.

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Camlock Reducer DD Female Coupler X Female Coupler

Transporting a good from one place to another is made simple, cost-effective, and low-maintenance with the use of camlock fittings. Consider a delivery vehicle for gasoline, an RV for rubbish removal, or even some types of fire hoses for putting out fires.

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Camlock Reducer DR Female Adapter X Female

The Female Coupler by Female Thread of a different size is the Camlock Reducer DR Female Adapter X Female. Also known as a Jump-Size Type D Reducer Camlock, a Reducing Type D Coupler x Female NPT, or a Cam and Groove reducing Type D.

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Camlock Reducer ER Male Adapter X Hose

A male coupler with a different-sized hose shank is called the Camlock Reducer ER Male Adapter X Hose. Also known as a Type ER Reducer Camlock or a Cam and Groove reducing Type ER x Hose.

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Camlock Reducer FR Male Adaptet X Male

When connecting hoses and or pipes that transfer liquid, powder, and granules, a camlock fitting is used as the coupling. A "straight through" connection is created that keeps the pipe size constant and permits unrestricted material flow.

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Camlock Reducer CR Female Coupler X Hose Shank

Of all the quick connections, they are perhaps the simplest to use. They can be put together without using any tools and can be joined by hand.

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Camlock Reducer SA Spool Adapter

Suitable for irrigation, general industrial, mining, offshore/oilfield, food and beverage, chemical, and those related to those. The best for connecting two Camlock couplers or changing female couplers to male couplers

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Camlock Reducer DA Female Coupler X Male Adapter

A female Camlock fast connect coupling and a male Camlock quick connects adapter are located on either side of this DA Camlock (Cam and Groove) fitting. This coupler's female Camlock coupling side can only be connected to a male Camlock. A female Camlock coupler will be connected to the male adaptor side.

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