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Guillemin Coupling


Aluminum Guillemin Hose Tall With Latch

The Aluminum Guillemin Hose Tall With Latch is manufactured in accordance with EN14420-8 or NF E29572 standards and is widely used in the oil, chemical, fire protection, paper manufacturing, construction, and metallurgy industries. Guillemin hose couplings have a thread and a locking ring (latch) that can be used with a DIN2817 safety clamp. Union Guillemin coupling has a working pressure of 10 bar.

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Aluminum Guillemin Female Without Latch

The nominal diameter DN (from DN20 to DN150) and lug spacing indicate the coupling's size. They are typically made of aluminum with a white NBR rubber seal (working temperature: -10°C to +80°C) or AISI 316 stainless steel with a black FKM rubber - Viton seal (working temperature: -10°C to +180°C). Guillemin couplings have a maximum working pressure of 16 bar. Guillemin couplings without latches are bare Guillemin couplings; they can be used in an improvised manner, i.e., you can connect pipes directly to them.

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Guillemin Coupling Male Without Latch

EN14420-8 or NF E29572 is the standard for Guillemin Coupling. It is constructed of aluminum. Thread and locking ring connect Guillemin hose couplings (latch). The working pressure is ten bar. Guillemin couplings are widely used in the oil, chemical, fire protection, paper manufacturing, construction, and metallurgy industries.

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Aluminum Guillemin Latch+Cap+Chain

Aluminum Guillemin Latch+Cap+Chain is a handy tool that allows you to securely connect two pipes. The tool joins two halves in order to connect pipes. It can assist you in connecting two broken pipes or pipes that have reached their ends. With the ease of use of the tool, you can also switch between different piping connections.

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Storz Coupling


Storz Coupling Female End

"Storz Coupling Female Ends are frequently used and referred to as fire hose couplings. Due to their resistance to corrosion, acids, and water, they are widely used in many industries, including refineries, agriculture, construction, maritime safety, and military use. Storz couplings, also known as fire hose fittings, are non-shut-off symmetrical couplings. They can be linked by inserting the lug parts into each other and twisting them against each other. These couplings are ideal for working with water and other fluids, but they can also be used as connecting couplings to connect different types of hose."

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Storz Coupling Male End

Storz Coupling Male Ends have an identical interlocking head and are also known as fire hose fittings. Storz couplings come with male and female BSP threads, serrated hose tails, and a blank dust cap.

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Storz Coupling Hose End

Storz Coupling Hose Ends have two lugs on the swivel head, which is mounted on the hose fitting and secured with a wire ring, or two lugs on the fixed head, which is screwed onto the threaded connection of the pipework, such as a fire hydrant. STORZ couplings connect quickly because only 1/4 turn is required to join two parts - this is their main advantage. Another important feature of the couplings is their high, unrestricted flow rate, resistance to contamination, and resistance to external damage.

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Storz Coupling Sealed Cap

The most common is the Storz Coupling Sealed Cap made of aluminum (cast or forged). Cast couplings have lower material strength and are more susceptible to casting flaws. They are only suitable for low working pressure (up to 6 bar) and less demanding applications. We supply high quality forged couplings with working pressures up to 16 bar as standard, but we also stock less expensive cast couplings.

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Camlock Reducer


Camlock Reducer AR Male Adapter X Female

Camlock Reducer AR Male Adapter X Female is also known as a type A reducer, a cam and groove male adapter type AR reducer, or a cam and groove male adapter type AR reducer. It is primarily used in applications to increase or decrease the thread or camlock size. Furthermore, it enables the addition of a female coupler of various sizes to your current application.

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Camlock Reducer BR Female Coupler X Male

Reducer for JINGYANG brand aluminum type BR cam and groove. This camlock (Cam and Groove) fitting reducer has a 6′′ female camlock quick connect coupling on one side and a 4′′ male NPT thread on the other. This coupler's female camlock side will only accept a 6" male camlock. Male threaded pipe will be connected to female NPT (National Pipe Tapered) threaded pipe.

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Camlock Reducer DD Female Coupler X Female Coupler

Transporting a good from one place to another is made simple, cost-effective, and low-maintenance with the use of camlock fittings. Consider a delivery vehicle for gasoline, an RV for rubbish removal, or even some types of fire hoses for putting out fires.

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Camlock Reducer DR Female Adapter X Female

The Female Coupler by Female Thread of a different size is the Camlock Reducer DR Female Adapter X Female. Also known as a Jump-Size Type D Reducer Camlock, a Reducing Type D Coupler x Female NPT, or a Cam and Groove reducing Type D.

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