wholesale air compressor hose fittings

Air Hose Coupling Universal Female End

Made of high-quality carbon steel for durability and strength. Zinc-plated coating for resistance to rust and erosion. Use spring-loaded quick-release couplers on the compressor to keep the air inside when you detach the air tool. When utilizing the coupler(s), slide the sleeve back, push the connector in, and then move the sleeve back all the way to lock in the connector. enables easy connection and disconnection of tools and airplanes. decreases unintentional air line disconnects.

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Air Hose Coupling Universal Hose End

The hose end is a Universal Hose End for Air Hose Coupling, which comes in carbon steel. The most common hose ends are made of carbon steel because they are affordable and long-lasting.

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Air Hose Coupling Universal Male End

No matter the pipe size or barbed hose ID, universal hose couplings, also referred to as Chicago and air hose couplings, have an identical claw-style head that enables connection to another Chicago hose coupling.

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