storz coupling adaptors

Storz Coupling Female End

"Storz Coupling Female Ends are frequently used and referred to as fire hose couplings. Due to their resistance to corrosion, acids, and water, they are widely used in many industries, including refineries, agriculture, construction, maritime safety, and military use. Storz couplings, also known as fire hose fittings, are non-shut-off symmetrical couplings. They can be linked by inserting the lug parts into each other and twisting them against each other. These couplings are ideal for working with water and other fluids, but they can also be used as connecting couplings to connect different types of hose."

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Storz Coupling Male End

Storz Coupling Male Ends have an identical interlocking head and are also known as fire hose fittings. Storz couplings come with male and female BSP threads, serrated hose tails, and a blank dust cap.

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