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Camlock Reducer SA Spool Adapter

Suitable for irrigation, general industrial, mining, offshore/oilfield, food and beverage, chemical, and those related to those. The best for connecting two Camlock couplers or changing female couplers to male couplers

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Camlock Reducer DA Female Coupler X Male Adapter

A female Camlock fast connect coupling and a male Camlock quick connects adapter are located on either side of this DA Camlock (Cam and Groove) fitting. This coupler's female Camlock coupling side can only be connected to a male Camlock. A female Camlock coupler will be connected to the male adaptor side.

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Aluminum Camlock CouplingType F Male Adapter X Male

Type F adapters are typically used with Type B couplers of the same size; however, Type C and D couplers, as well as the DC coupler, are compatible (Dust Cap). Camlock coupling is an inherently long-lasting and high-quality tool. Because of the intended use, it must be of high quality construction. Depending on your requirements, our Camlock coupling catalog can assist you in locating the best option.

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Brass Camlock Coupling Type A Male Adapter X Female

JINGYANG brass cam and groove fitting type A. This Camlock (Cam and Groove) fitting has a 3′′ male Camlock quick connect coupling on one side and 3′′ female NPT threads on the other. This coupler's male Camlock side will only accept a 3" female Camlock. The male NPT (National Pipe Tapered) threaded pipe will be connected to the female threaded side.

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Camlock Reducer DR Female Adapter X Female

The Female Coupler by Female Thread of a different size is the Camlock Reducer DR Female Adapter X Female. Also known as a Jump-Size Type D Reducer Camlock, a Reducing Type D Coupler x Female NPT, or a Cam and Groove reducing Type D.

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Camlock Reducer AR Male Adapter X Female

Camlock Reducer AR Male Adapter X Female is also known as a type A reducer, a cam and groove male adapter type AR reducer, or a cam and groove male adapter type AR reducer. It is primarily used in applications to increase or decrease the thread or camlock size. Furthermore, it enables the addition of a female coupler of various sizes to your current application.

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